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Along with the 52 hike challenge, I’ve decided to try the six pack of peaks challenge. It consists of six different peaks/mountains in Southern California that gradually get higher and steeper. You do not have to do it in order but it makes it easier when you do.  San Antonio or Mt. Baldy, as it […]

Around two or three years ago, I remember seeing a photo of this gorgeous waterfall with crystal blue water. The orange color of the canyons matched with that blue water was a picture that stuck to me. I wanted to see that for myself. Later on I learned that the beautiful falls is called Havasupai […]

To celebrate my 27th birthday, I decided to hike the second of the six pack of peaks which is Cucamonga Peak. Hiking with eleven awesome friends was the icing on my cake. This hike is no joke. It is a 12/13 mile round trip hike with 8,860 feet in elevation. Whew! I’m glad I decided […]

I’ve been wanting to do this hike for the longest time. I was already at the trailhead back in February but I left my jacket & it was just way too cold to hike. So, at that time, I opted not to hike.  Big Horn Mine is a moderate hike with more than moderate views […]

The hashtag #OptOutside was created by REI in order to showcase photos of different outdoor adventures. When I look at the hashtag and pictures, it encourages and motivates me to keep “opting outside.”  There are some things that draw me to the outdoors. You know what they are? It is the peacefulness and calmness around. […]

The title of this post was supposed to be Six Pack of Peaks: Peak # 2. Unfortunately, due to the dangerous conditions of the Cucamonga Peak trail, we were not able to summit the second peak.  Cucamonga Peak is the second of the six pack of peaks. It has an elevation of 8,800+. We were […]

You know what’s better than a post-hike meal? A mid-hike Korean Barbeque meal. Yep, you read it right. We cooked and ate kbbq on top of the mountain. The good food was accompanied by good views and good company. It was awesome!      We set up the stove & grill and began cooking some […]

The bridge to nowhere got its name because it literally is a bridge that leads nowhere. It was originally built to be part of a road connecting the San Gabriel Valley with Wrightwood. However, due to natural calamities, they never got around to finishing it. Instead, it became a popular place to hike and bungee […]

Since it’s almost spring/summer, I finally decided to cut my hair. My hair was unusually long & it was getting hard to even brush or comb it! That being said, like most of my haircuts, it’s always a drastic change.  Before:    After: :O it’s so short! But my head feels lighter.